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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Unpredictable jewelry hunting

If you have been following this blog you may have figured out by now that I am fairly unpredictable. 
Just like I never only search one area of the beach, I also never just use one metal detector.
On my last three times metal detecting, I have water hunted, searched in the wet sand and jewelry hunted in the dry sand.
One day I could be using a pulse induction metal detector, the next hunt I may be using a VLF metal detector with a 17 inch search coil. 
This year I have already recovered a good variety of finds, from many different parts of the beach.
I like to believe the only thing predictable about me is finding jewelry and coins on a regular basis.
Because I like to mix it up a lot, you never hear me moaning about sanded in conditions or crying about the competition. 
You are less effected by sanded in beaches when you do not only water hunt or wet sand, you are less effected by competition when you use different metal detectors or search coils. 
I bet right now there are many beach and water hunters waiting for better conditions, or not going detecting because they know their local beach is being hunted by competition. 
To be honest, going searching in the dry sand earlier this week was the last thing I wanted to do, but I knew I had too to do it just in case.
All I found was silver jewelry on my 4 hour night hunt, but I could not let two spots opposite productive stretches of water go undetected. 
This Tiffany & Co silver ring was one of nine pieces of silver jewelry I found that night.

It gave me hope that I may recover high end gold or platinum jewelry up in the dry sand on these beaches,  so I have another two areas to add to my collection of beach hunting sites with potential. 
In my opinion, jewelry is lost on the beach randomly and certainly not in the same place all the time.  
So it makes good jewelry hunting sense to search all over the beach, and in a variety of ways. 
Hopefully now you may see why it makes no sense to walk in a straight line in the wet sand two hours before low tide, or go plowing through the water using the same search pattern all the time. 
Treasure is where you find it,  and sometimes in the strangest of places, you are not going to find it if you are too predictable. 

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