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Monday, August 18, 2014

The view from the water

Sunday morning I spent three hours water hunting, mainly because the weather is brutal this time of year in hot and humid south Florida. 
I decided to use my waterproof SDC 2300 pulse induction metal detector, as it was a little sanded in on the beach I chose to search.
Two other people were metal detecting on the beach, wearing back packs and using non waterproof metal detectors designed for land use. 
The first thing that stood out about the people searching the beach was how many more targets they were scooping.
They were swinging and digging like crazy, even though both beach hunters were using discriminating VLF metal detectors. 
Many water hunters look down their noses at beach hunters, but not me because I search in the wet sand, dry sand and shallow water. 
I know those guys probably found a  piece of gold searching along the towel line on a Sunday. 
We are all after the same two things, jewelry and coins, although I am not keen on recovering modern coins most of the time. 
I found two pieces of gold, an 18K gold chain with pendants and a 14K gold ear ring in the water, but I still had my eye on the beach. 

The more targets you dig on the beach, the more chance you have of finding gold on the beach.
I personally do not like metal detecting in the day time around people laying on the beach,  you tend to see a few frowning faces shucking sand out of scoops near people laying on towels covered in suntan lotion and sunblock.
After I walked out of the water, I checked out the area the two guys had detected.
The previous week we have had some really bad storms in Florida, I wonder how many people grabbed their belongings and rushed off the beach to escape the thunder and lightning. 
The famous towel line is legendary among beach hunters,  and after seeing how much scooping the other two guys had done maybe I will hit the towel line myself after work this week. 
I will finish up by getting to the point of todays blog,  watching other people metal detecting is motivational and it often presents an opportunity. 
No doubt the two guys wildly swing their search coils like fly swatters cleaned up most of the surface targets, but maybe the deeper gold is still waiting for a slow moving search coil. 

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