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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Diamonds in the rough

One of my favorite beach and water hunting sites, has produced some really nice pieces of jewelry this year. 
What I really like about this beach is the way it is possible to find something good in all three areas of the beach, the dry sand, wet sand and water. 
This 18K gold ring with three high quality diamonds appraised close to $5000.00, it was found in the dry sand earlier in the summer before the sunrise.

Even though I had gone to this beach with the intention of wet sanding before water hunting, I still decided to search the dry sand around the beach entrance. 
This diamond ring recovery story, explains why local water hunters who cry about my jewelry finds miss these type of rings. 
Two hour before low tide water hunters and wet sanders, are probably too cool to search the lowly dry sand. 
They would rather spend 5 or 6 hours walking around in the water hoping to stumble across a piece of jewelry, than figure out where to search, work hard in less hours and go home with a ring like this. 
I also see more people wising up about the use of discrimination as a way to cut down on the amount of hours you have to spend beach or water hunting to get results.
The efficient use of your time will help you have a chance of recovering gold rings on heavily hunted beaches.
If I remember correctly, it was only 15 minutes after arriving at the beach before I was holding a $5000.00 diamond ring in my hand. 
Gridding a beach entrance, ignoring obvious coin target IDs, bottle caps and iron junk, just scooping up pull tabs, nickels, can slaw and gold. 
The wet sand was not as productive at first light and inside the water stunk, but the dry sand was definately hot before the sun had a chance to properly warm it up. 
There is a time to discriminate, and a place to discriminate, a time to dig it all and a place to dig it all.
It just does not make treasure hunting sense to search the same place, the same way and expect to stay ahead of the competition for jewelry on heavily hunted beaches. 
I will say it again, jewelry is lost on the beach, all over the beach and all over in the water, why would you not want to chase it? 

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