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Sunday, July 6, 2014

3 simple ways to increase the amount of jewelry you find.

Here are a few topics that are covered in my "Hardcore Beach Hunting" book, these three simple things will help you to find jewelry, and keep finding jewelry.

Sometimes it is not the metal detector, metal detecting techniques or beach reading skills that make a difference.
It is the things you overlook that can put a dent in the amount of jewelry you can recover at the beach with your metal detector.

1.  Avoid small talk

If you use a metal detector on the beach or in the water during the day, you are going to get bombarded with questions.
Every minute you spend explaining what you are doing, how you are doing it, or talking about what you have found and where, is a minute of wasted jewelry hunting time.
It is not just inquisitive tourists that will eat into your treasure hunting time, other beach and water hunters can also put a serious dent in your jewelry hunting prospects.
I avoid all contact with other beach and water hunters, not to keep the beach spot on the down low, but to avoid wasting my valuable jewelry hunting time chatting.
Once another beach or water hunter takes the headphones off and makes a bee line straight for you, your going to be talking instead of metal detecting. 

2. TMI

Showing complete strangers the jewelry you have just found on the beach, can come back to bite you in the jewelry hunting butt, especially on a heavily hunted beach.
The nice strangers on the beach that you shared your moment of jewelry hunting joy with, will no doubt want to talk to the next person with a metal detector they see on the same beach.
A strangers tale of jewelry found, will motivate the competition to hang around, as well as giving them a heads up on the place you recovered jewelry.
Always try to keep your emotions in check and keep a poker face when you find a nice piece of jewelry.  If you shout out " Goooooold" like a Mexican World Cup soccer commentator, you are asking for unwanted attention.
Loose lips sink ships, they can also sink your chances of finding more jewelry.

3. Hunting in packs

I saw 5 people water hunting as a group yesterday, meaning they only had a 20% chance of recovering jewelry, due to liking metal detecting in the water with their buddies.
The more people you go beach or water hunting with, the more your chances of finding jewelry fall.
Plus you have the added whammy of all your hunting buddies knowing the exact location you recover any jewelry, assuming you are the one who finds it ?
I know quite a few full time beach and water hunters  who love having detecting partners, 
50 % of the possible jewelry finds is ok with them.
Call me greedy, but I still prefer to go home with100% of the jewelry when I go beach or water hunting.
I also like being able to return to productive sites, without having to worry about being beaten to the site by all the people who also know about the productive site.

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