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Friday, July 4, 2014

The sand is not always more golden

Many beach and water hunters make the mistake of thinking other people have a much easier time of metal detecting than they do.  
I have found out through experience that another beach can appear more golden until you get there, kind of like that grass is always greener saying.
In my opinion, is always better to master your own beaches and concentrate on what you can find on your local beaches, than get involved in who is finding what and where.
A good friend of mine recently told me I am the only person he knows that never asks where anyone has found anything.
My friend is correct, I am not bothered who has found what and where, I concentrate only on what I can recover on the beaches that I metal detect at.
I often hear people say that because I live in Florida, I only find the things I do because of the location, yeh right!
They are also some of the most heavily hunted ( Day and night) beaches in the world, with large metal detecting clubs located all over Florida.
Hard work and determination are the two main reasons I can still overcome heavy competition, this beach found1836 gold coin is a reminder of that.

I searched thirteen straight evenings from 8 until midnight on a beach with eroded sand dunes, before finally being rewarded for my determination.
Of course after finding the gold coin, I spend another nine evenings after work searching the same area. 
No matter where the beach is, you still have to find what you are looking for, even in the face of stiff competition from other beach and water hunters.
That is where confidence in your own metal detecting and beach reading skills, will help you to still find on a regular basis.
When you hone your metal detecting skills and become a top dog on your own beaches, it is always possible to kick butt at other beaches.
Never worry about what other people are finding, where or how, all that really matters is what you are finding and how you are finding it.
Use other people's big finds as motivation,  not to run to the site the big find has already been recovered from,  but to reassure you that anything is possible.
A motivated treasure hunter is far more likely to recover gold and silver, than a treasure hunter who always believes they are in the wrong location.
As any professional treasure salvager worth their sea salt will tell you ,  "Treasure is where you find it" !

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