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Monday, July 7, 2014

My favorite and top secret jewelry hunting site

Yesterday I visited my favorite modern jewelry hunting spot, just to check it out and see what is going on in the area. 
My favorite jewelry hunting site is not in a glitzy area filled with night clubs, or packed with rows of sun beds and tourists, just a small ordinary looking beach that holds a secret past. 
Continuing yesterday's blog theme, I keep the location a secret because I am waiting for Davy Jones locker to open up again without having to worry about self made competition. 
The last time this spot opened up was back in 2012, when I recovered some killer jewelry finds without seeing another beach or water hunter for miles around. 
Killer jewelry finds, like this heavy 18K gold mans ring with two diamonds and a 5 carat emerald. 

This piece of jewelry along with many others, was recovered after hurricane Sandy had moved up and past the Florida coastline in late 2012, helping move sand around, filling my finds pouch with old gold and silver. 
I found many fantastic pieces of gold jewelry over a two day period at my top secret jewelry hunting site. 
Perhaps, I would have found more modern gold jewelry, but my first instinct after the high surf was to drive north in search of Spanish treasure on the famous Treasure Coast of Florida. 
My favorite jewelry hunting spot was discovered by pure accident back in 2006, trying different beaches instead of following the detecting crowd to much larger and popular tourist beaches. 
One morning I found two large links to a diamond encrusted gold bracelet in a place you would not expect to find anything.
Returning to the same site after beach erosion a year later, I recovered an antique gold Scottish masons ring with a 3/4 carat diamond and many old Us silver coins.
Obviously, the site had a secret past and I discovered what the history of the beach was after researching the area at the local library. 
Back in 2012, my research proved to be golden with all the gold jewelry that came off this site, including another three links of the same diamond bracelet that originally alerted me to the site.
Yesterday morning was just a trip down memory lane, although I did find a marked sterling Tiffany pendant in the water before lightning canceled my water hunting plans.
You can be sure I will be watching and waiting for any high surf that may effect my favorite jewelry hunting site. 
I hope this blog inspires you to try different beaches and hopefully find a special site that you can call your own. 

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