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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Loud booming signals

Heres a little tip for people new to beach and shallow water hunting,  the shallower a target is, the louder the target audio response will be through your headphones. 
This is a good tip for dry sanders, or people who like to metal detect along the high tide line on tourist beaches.
Loud ear splitting signals from soda and beer cans can be a pain when searching opposite parking lots or beach side bars on popular tourist beaches. 
The natural response from many beach hunters is to skip digging really loud signals that have a good chance of being tin cans, but you have to be careful you do not miss a good target. 
I remember finding this large gold and diamond ring a couple of years ago, I was sure it was just another tin can, after digging two crushed empty beer cans in the same area. 

Not wanting to take a chance on missing a watch, chain or large gold ring, I dug the target and was surprised by the large gold ring with diamonds clanking against the bottom of my scoop basket.
The 1836 gold coin in my previous blog entry was found after first scooping up three obvious bottle cap signals in the same area. 
The gold coin was being masked by the bottle caps, the gold ring in this photo was not, but I had another choice to make and I made the correct choice to dig.
It is always much easier to assume you have guessed the target after finding similar targets in the same area and walk on. 
Loud booming signals often turn out to be just junk,  and the softest signals often end up being good targets. 
It would be nice if it always turned out that way, but it does not, which is the reason why you should never walk away from loud booming signals. 
Many popular tourist beaches are now over run with people who are able to go metal detecting every day, the last thing you want to do is leave an easy find behind for the next guy following you with a metal detector.  

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