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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Expect the unexpected when beach or water hunting.

One of the many reasons I never assume anything in beach treasure hunting, is sometimes you get a golden surprise. 
Many beach and shallow water hunter's, get too wrapped up in expecting certain targets to be found at certain times, or at certain places. 
Lost coins and jewelry can be found at any time and anywhere on the beach and in the water.
The lower beach is probably one of the most productive areas on the beach, but only because it is constantly being changed by ebbing and flowing tides.  
The evening back in late 2011, when I found this superb condition 1836 gold $5 coin on the beach, the first thing I did was call my wife to say you are never going to believe what I just found. 

And that is exactly the point of this blog, you never know what you are going to find when you go beach or shallow water hunting.  
I have found many valuable pieces of jewelry in the dry sand, wet sand and water, that other beach and water hunters did not recover because it was highly unlikely anything of value would be found there. 
Unfortunately, the more time beach and water hunter's have under their belts, the more time they spend ignoring large areas of the beach. 
I make a big effort to avoid falling into the trap of thinking I know what is more likely to be found on certain areas of the beach. 
For instance,  a sanded in lower beach may mean plenty of aluminum pull tabs washing in at high tide.
Beach and water hunters who rely on other peoples beach ratings, may decide it is not worth going beach hunting because only lightweight junk awaits them.
I look at other peoples poor beach ratings as a golden opportunity to recover something good, perhaps a treasure coin or expensive diamond ring. 
Maybe this is the reason why I am always so excited to go metal detecting, I still think like a novice beach or shallow water hunter. 
Keeping an open treasure hunting mind, I keep that "Beginners luck" rolling on every beach I walk onto. 

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