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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The discriminating beach hunter

Just like you should always use a metal detector that best suits the area you metal detect, you should always use a search mode that best fits the beaches you metal detect on. 
I always try to maximize my treasure hunting time, I dig all targets on slow beaches, but I try not to dig all targets on busy beaches. 
Every moment spent on the beach, or in the shallow water digging junk, is a missed opportunity to dig something worthwhile. 
This stick of gold, platinum and ice, is the reason why I use discrimination on tourist beaches. 

I spend less time digging junk, because of my choice of metal detector's and tourist beach treasure hunting strategy of getting to the good stuff before the competition.
Do not worry, you will still dig unwanted junk when you use a little discrimination, but it will be junk that you cannot walk over because it resembles the good stuff you are searching for. 
In my case, pull tabs, can slaw and lead fishing weights, all sound too good to ignore on my Minelab Excalibur II, or  sound and look too good using my Minelab CTX 3030.
Some old timers still prefer to "Dig it all" on every beach, but that makes no sense at all on every beach, especially beaches in heavily populated areas.  
In write ups that accompany photos of jewelry on my Facebook page, I often include the hours I spent metal detecting in order to find the pieces(s) of jewelry. 
Two, three or four hours is usually the maximum time I have to metal detect, but I still find jewelry on a regular basis. 
Beach reading skill's, metal detector choice, and using a little discrimination, help me to find treasure faster, without having to stay at the beach all day. 
Are you maximizing your treasure hunting time on busy beaches, or are you still wasting your time digging obvious junk targets?  

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