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Monday, May 26, 2014

Beach hunting with a screened metal detector

I remember the afternoon I recovered 12 pieces of gold jewelry on an eroded beach back in 2012. 
The eroded beach was mobbed with people using metal detectors, I arrived early in the afternoon and stayed for 5 hours. 
Obviously I had to follow several beach hunters already searching the large cut, which made me decide to just dig targets with low tones and numbers that could be gold. 
It was a tourist beach not known for old finds and I was using a screened metal detector to help me avoid digging junk targets.
In these type of beach hunting situations, I consider all clad coins and silver to be unwanted targets. 
Over the course of 5 hours slowly searching the cut, I recovered 12 pieces of gold and a pouch full of pull tabs, aluminum can slaw, foil and nickels. 
There are no major gold finds in this photograph, but I gave it my best shot to recover any expensive gold jewelry in the area. 

I used the best features of my metal detector, for the beach hunting situation I was presented with, instead of using the same techniques and settings for every beach hunting situation. 
I have seen some nice jewelry coming off the lower beach recently, around the towel line and in the wet sand, including the expensive diamond ring I recovered last week.
Target IDs on screened metal detectors are excellent aids to jewelry hunting, especially on tourist beaches where you have little chance of rejecting an old artifact. 
Far too many beach hunters are concerned about missing deep targets, instead of concentrating on recovering shallow targets within easy reach. 
If you have two, three or four hours to metal detect on a tourist beach, why waste time digging junk just in case you miss one deep gold target. 
You could probably recover ten shallow gold targets for every one deep gold target if you use a little discrimination. 
Digging all metal targets does not guarantee a beach hunter will find the most gold, especially on a busy beach. 
It just means you will have a few more aches and pains and eat through your metal detecting time faster. 
In my opinion, the person who finds the most gold on a tourist beach, is the person who avoids digging the most unwanted targets between gold finds. 

PS It was also very unusual to find a piece of gold jewelry with my name on it.

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