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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Is it really all in the water?

If you ask a water hunter why they only metal detect in the water, I dare say the majority of water hunters would answer " Because it is all in the water."
Maybe that is one of the reasons why I hardly ever see any water hunters metal detecting on the beach. 
No doubt, they would rather stay at home waiting for the surf to die down or low tide, before going metal detecting. 
I was a beach hunter long before becoming a water hunter, I have found far too many expensive pieces of modern jewelry and old treasure finds in the wet and dry sand to stop searching these two lucrative areas.
This expensive 18K white gold ladies ring with three diamonds was found mid beach yesterday, it is another reason why I never ignore the wet and dry sand at tourist beaches. 

To be honest, I did go to the local beach intending to water hunt for two hours during the low tide.
Although my plan was to water hunt, I never get into the water until I complete a basic search pattern of the wet and dry sand opposite the area I intend to go metal detecting in the water. 
I do this because I try hard not to be a "Box hunter", a person who only does one kind of beach hunting. 
I see many water hunters at my local beaches get straight into the water after turning on their metal detectors, the same people turn off their metal detectors and walk straight off the beach after getting out of the water. 
That assumes all jewelry is lost in the water, and probably one of the reasons why there are now many more water hunters than beach hunters on many heavily metal detected beaches. 
It is always nice and reassuring when water hunting, to know you did not leave an easy find behind for the next person who comes along with a metal detector on the beach opposite you. 
Something for people joining the rush to water hunt to think about, is it really all in the water? Or is that just another urban beach hunting myth,  put out there by water hunters who cannot be bothered to search in the wet and dry sand. 

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