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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More on discrimination and being a flexible hunter

To find gold, should I discriminate or dig all targets on the beach?  is one of the most frequently asked questions in emails I receive from other beach and shallow water hunter's. 
People mistakenly believe that to find gold, you have to dig all targets on the beach. 
Times have changed, metal detectors and technology have changed, but many beach and water hunters are a little slower to move away from the "You have to dig it all" camp. 
In my opinion, that generic "You have to dig it all" treasure hunting plan is similar to the generic one size fits all metal detector control settings passed around. 
Why would a person metal detecting on a tourist beach want to dig all targets? Why would another beach or water hunter searching in a less populated area not want to dig all targets?
You choice of whether to discrimination or not, should always be made with an eye towards the beaches you metal detect on,  not on what search mode other people use on the other side of the country.
I search a variety of beaches, I hunt using an all metal search mode when searching for Spanish treasure on the Treasure Coast beaches, and I use some form of discrimination when searching for modern gold on south Florida tourist beaches.
Sometimes I search using absolutely no discrimination out in the water on tourist beaches, where there is less trash found away from the beach. 
I also use the same all metal search mode when searching small out of the way beaches, that see less sunbathers and swimmers. 
When it does come down to using discrimination, I am all for it,  especially with some of the metal detectors on todays market. 
Finding treasure through technology is cool, whether that technology is CO / FE numbers and target cursors on a screen, or increasing your discrimination control by a notch or two. 
Being a one search mode type beach or shallow water hunter is fine, but far too rigid for a flexible treasure hunter. 
Hopefully todays blog will help beach and shallow water hunters to think about becoming more flexible when it comes to which search mode is best. 
Both search modes are equally good when used in the correct beach or shallow water hunting conditions. 

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