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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A time to use your best metal detector features.

Last night I went out for a low tide wet sand hunt at a beach that looked promising the day before, because of the high number of people I saw crowded around one area.
The beach in question is a popular tourist beach in my area,  and it is heavily hunted on a daily basis.
In fact, last night there was two other people metal detecting when I arrived at the beach,  just two of the many full time beach and water hunters in that area.
I only had a couple of hours to metal detect so I relied on a couple of the best features on my metal detector for the situation,  CTX 3030 custom audio target tones and my screen target IDs.
I immediately walked to the most promising looking area on the lower beach and started metal detecting.
Gold jewelry was the main quarry I was searching for,  so I concentrated on listening for low tones and checking the target cursor and CO / FE numbers on my screen to eliminate unwanted non ferrous targets.
With competition for gold jewelry already in the area, I did not bother scooping obvious non ferrous targets, such as pennies, dimes and quarters. 
The recovered targets in my hand from one small hot spot on the lower beach,  include 11 nickels, 5 aluminum pull tabs and a 14K gold wedding band.  

If you search tourist beaches and have multiple discrimination features on your metal detector, use them to find gold jewelry, instead of digging chump change.  
You may still have to scoop up a few unwanted targets, such as nickels and pull tabs, but you will find  gold jewelry faster if it is in the area. 
Just being able to eliminate digging one of two nuisance targets can make a huge difference to a beach or shallow water hunter on a tourist beach. 

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