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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another reason to be a local beach hunter

In my "Hardcore Beach Hunting" book, I touch on the subject of traveling to metal detect. 
In my opinion, you are always better off with your hands on your metal detector and scoop than a steering wheel.
If you live within a reasonable distance to a beach, try not to get lured into thinking you have to drive to far off beaches to find gold.
The expression "The grass is always greener" comes to mind, until you get there and realize you have spent more time traveling than metal detecting. 
I do not have the time or money to go on one or two week detecting vacations several times a year, like many beach and water hunters do, so I have to make the most of any opportunity to metal detect. 
I make the most of my treasure hunting time, by making sure I know all the beaches within a reasonable driving distance from home. 
There are big name beaches about an hour north and south of my local beaches, but that is a two hour round trip to go beach hunting. 
Two hours spent beach or water hunting on a closer beach makes more treasure hunting sense,  than spending two hours driving. 
I do occasionally drive long distances to metal detect, but only when I know the chances of finding something are good. 
Checking out the nearest beach webcams will help you to cut down on wasted treasure hunting journeys. 
You can see the surf conditions on beach webcams, and sometimes other people already metal detecting in the area. 
I like to see where the most crowded areas are located on the beach and in the water. 
All valuable forms of beach and water hunting recon, if you want to travel to out of area beaches.
Here is a 1 ounce 22K  gold coin ring with 40 diamonds that came off a local beach a few years ago. 

You never what what kind of trophy metal detecting find may be waiting for you at a small local beach, and of course you will never know unless you search them instead of traveling long distances looking for greener grass. 

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