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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beach and water reading skill's

I remember when I first started beach hunting, my very first signal on my very first beach hunt was a Spanish silver eight reale from an old early 1600s Spanish galleon.  
Because of that first treasure coin, I would hammer away on Treasure Coast Spanish 1715 fleet wreck beaches searching for pieces of eight like a man possessed. 
I always call it beginners luck, but I still put myself in the right place at the right time because of observational skill's learned searching tidal river banks in England for old bottles and clay pipes. 
In my opinion, nothing puts more gold and silver in your finds pouch than beach and water reading skill's.
Learning how to read the beach and water is such an important part of beach treasure hunting, especially for people new to the hobby of beach and water metal detecting.
I dare say if I left my metal detector at home and took a spade to the beach at certain sites I could still recover something good.
It would be harder work than using a metal detector, but what I am trying to get across is when you know where the best looking areas on the beach are, your chances of finding gold or silver increase dramatically. 
Certain things on the beach are good signs, other things are bad signs, you only need one or two good signs in an area to outweigh many more bad beach hunting signs. 
Many beach and shallow water hunter's only see the bad signs, and do not bother to go metal detecting.
Other beach and water hunters read local beach conditions blogs for " beach upgrades," detecting forum posts,  or wait for news from hunting buddies, before going metal detecting. 
Im not complaining as this kind of second hand information really helps to keep my finds pouch full.
If you want to stay ahead of the pack, it is always better to base your treasure hunting plans on your own opinion of the beach or stretch of water you are planning on metal detecting.
The more time you spend beach or water hunting, the more you will learn what signs to look for on the beach that really improve your chances of finding jewelry or coins.
The next time you see or hear other beach hunters saying "The beaches are badly sanded in, and nobody is finding anything" take a look for yourself.
I guarantee some enterprising beach or shallow water hunter is finding something good some where. 
Savvy beach and shallow water hunters, rely on local knowledge of the beach, and beach reading skill's to recover jewelry and coins in the most sanded in conditions. 

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