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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Should I stay or should I go now?

I had the lyrics of the famous Clash song ringing in my ears yesterday, I had an opportunity to go metal detecting  and I decided to roll the dice. 
The trees in my yard were blowing in the wind, and I knew the surf would be rough but I still decided to go water hunting. 
As you can see my this photo of 3 ounces of gold jewelry, I made the correct decision to go metal detecting regardless of the conditions. 

It was hard work and I took a battering in the surf for four hours, the flash of gold in my scoop every half hour helped me to stay motivated. 
Several of my previous blog subjects are relevant to todays blog. 

Stay motivated  When you get the chance to go detecting, go for it!

Go detecting regardless of the conditions  Anytime is a good time to find gold, not just during calm seas or on eroded beaches. 

Stay ahead of the competition  The weekend warriors are going to mob the beach on a Saturday morning, beat them to the punch by detecting on a Thursday or Friday if you can. 

Beach and water hunting reading skills rule  
It was no accident that I found a site with multiple pieces of gold jewelry. I am always reading the beach and water, and trying to scout out future areas of interest while I am hunting.   

Sanded in conditions  Too many people do not go detecting and use "Sanded in" conditions as an excuse not to go beach or shallow water hunting.  

Metal detectors  Use the right tools for the job, I went rough surf hunting.  I chose a metal detector with "Toggles and knobs"with minimal iron rejection, instead of my other metal detector with a display screen and extra discrimination.  

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