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Monday, January 27, 2014

Beach and water hunting

I always refer to myself as a beach and water hunter,  meaning I prefer to metal detect on the beach and in the water. 
I never just take my metal detector to the beach ready to search one area, if the beach looks more promising than the water, I will detect up in the dry sand or down in the wet sand. 
Yesterday I had my eye on several local beach cams, even though the temperatures were in the 70s there was hardly any people swimming in the water. 
For south Florida standards, It has been chilly just recently and I have noticed more people staying on the beach instead of swimming. 
I had a short window of opportunity to metal detect yesterday afternoon , so I decided to take my CTX 3030 for a walk in the dry sand.
I searched along a promising area I saw on the beach web cam, an area that had many people sitting on their towels on the beach through-out the day.
Even though I had checked the beach cam several times through-out the day and saw hardly anyone using the water, I was surprised to see four people water hunting.  
Sometimes you have to go where the people are to find gold, instead of blindly following the old water hunters saying of "Its all in the water" 
I found two silver rings, a junk ring and junk chain,  a $100.00 fashion watch,  a 14K gold ear ring, a small 10 K gold kids ring and a 1963 silver dime,  I dare wager my jewelry finds were more than all four water hunters found yesterday afternoon. 
The mid beach opposite this popular tourist beach had probably not been detected over the weekend,  as I know there is a crazy number of water hunters at this one beach. 
Gold is out there for beach and water hunters to find,  you just have to avoid being a "Box hunter" and be a beach and water hunter. 

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