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Monday, February 10, 2014

Reading people in the water

Yesterday I went shallow water hunting at a local beach in south Florida, to a beach I had a chance to visit and check out before the weekend. 
On my quick recon trip to the local beach on Friday, I noticed  several people standing in waist deep water past the sand bar at low tide. 
That information came in handy yesterday with hardly any people on the beach for the morning low tide. 
Instead of working close to shore, I waded out at low tide past the sand bar to an area with a partially covered coral ledge. 
Taking advantage of the low tide I was able to bob and fan for lost coins and jewelry in the cracks and holes in the coral ledge. Last year I found several large gold class rings in this same area, so I knew I had a chance of finding gold. 
This 14K ladies diamond ring with a 1/2 carat center diamond was my catch of the two and a half hour water hunt. 

This gold ring also goes to show how you can improve your chances of finding gold jewelry by keeping an eye on your local beaches, and observing where people are laying on the beach and using the water. 
Finding gold jewelry on a regular basis starts with knowing your local beaches, especially where people gather on the beach and in the shallow water. 
Hot spots on beaches are often the most heavily used areas on beaches, and local beach and water hunters should always know where hot spots are by reading people using the beach.

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