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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Searching cuts on heavily hunted beaches

When I search a fresh cut on a heavily hunted beach, I try to recover the easy finds first before the competition arrives.
Easy finds, refer to shallow targets from the base of the cut to the waters edge, using discrimination allows me to get to valuable finds faster.
A fresh cut on a stretch of prime tourist beach is no place to be messing around using a "Reverse" hunting technique or all metal mode.
Four other hunters turned up shortly after me on the night I found this expensive 18 K Cartier emerald and diamond ladies ring at an eroded popular Florida beach.

My strategy of getting the easy finds first at a fresh cut paid off as I saw the edge of the gold ring at the base of the cut before I scooped it up.  
I was only using a low level of discrimination, but it was enough to avoid getting bogged down digging corroding bottle caps and other easily avoidable shallow trash targets. 
In my opinion, you do not have to dig it all to find gold, especially when searching fresh cuts on heavily hunted beaches. 
A beach can be littered with trash after erosion has first taken place on a busy beach,  it is the perfect situation to use a good discriminating metal detector capable of finding treasure amongst the trash. 
If I know I am not the first person to search a cut on a heavily hunted beach, my beach hunting strategy is the opposite. 
I go for depth over discrimination, chances are many of the shallow targets will already have been scooped up.  
I use zero discrimination trying to find targets that were originally masked by shallower targets, or targets that were hopefully just out of the detection range of previous hunters. 
Being proficient at using discrimination and hunting in all metal, helps to make searching cuts on heavily hunted beaches exciting. 
When you do not use the same metal detecting strategy for every beach hunting situation, you do not have to be the first person searching the cut, you still have a chance of recovering deeper valuable targets. 

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