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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nobody gets it all

No doubt the beach I found this big 1.2 ounce 18K gold ring gets hammered on a daily basis by several full time beach and shallow water hunters, but as the title of todays blog says nobody gets it all. 

Yesterday I had my first shallow water hunt of 2014 and did quite well in only a couple of hours,  the gold ring was found 30 minutes into the hunt. 
Although I was trying to shake off a bad flu /virus that has been making the rounds in south Florida, I had a short window of opportunity to get out and metal detect and as you can see it was worth it. 
I am a firm believer in going beach or shallow water hunting regardless of the conditions or the tide time.  
Many beaches are heavily hunted, but it is almost impossible for the full time beach and shallow water hunters to cover every square foot of the beach. 
Which coincidentally is probably the average size of a metal detector search coil, that really should put things into prospective on large tourist beaches.
Many valuable targets lay waiting on the beach for people who are lucky enough to just put their search coil over them. 
In my opinion, you can help yourself to be a "luckier" beach or shallow water hunter by being unpredictable, spontaneous and motivated. 
It is not how many hours you put in searching the beach, it is what you put into those hours spent searching the beach.
Many people make the mistake of thinking you have to be out on the beach more or just as much as the competition. 
I believe you can find more in less time by optimizing your coverage, covering less ground better. 
Eventually you are going to put your search coil over a valuable target detecting at a pace that allows you to cover every square foot of the beach you walk over. 
Better to walk over the sand than a valuable target. 

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