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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Light weight beach hunting

If you are going to be metal detecting on the beach for many hours, it is always best to invest in accessories that will allow you to be comfortable metal detecting for many hours. 
In this photograph there are two accessories that will help you stay out on the beach longer during prime beach hunting conditions, instead of nursing a sore arm or shoulder at home. 

Two accessories that make beach hunting easier, an Anderson carbon fiber straight shaft and a light weight long handled aluminum scoop.
A straight shaft will help to balance out the weight of a typical waterproof metal detector on the beach, and a long handled aluminum scoop is easier to carry around and use to scoop targets. 
A long wood handled scoop with a stainless steel basket is a good option for searching rockier shorelines. 
Notice the duct tape on the scoop handle, wrapping an aluminum scoop handle will help prevent your hand from slipping down the shaft when recovering targets on the beach.
I always prefer stainless steel scoops for water hunting, but lugging the heavier scoop around on the beach for hours can be tiring. 
The same applies to many factory waterproof metal detector shafts, hip or chest mounting kits are other good options. 
Just balancing the weight of your metal detector can make a huge difference in the amount of hours you  can stay out on the beach metal detecting without getting tired. 
A balanced metal detector on the beach allows you to control your sweep and keep your search coil level which translates into better depth and more finds. 

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