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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reading people using the beach

The age of people using the beach is an often over looked factor, knowing how to read beach goers should be part of your beach reading skill’s. 
As part of my thinking outside the box approach to beach and water hunting, I read the beach with an eye towards certain age groups. 
I have always preferred to search beaches that are popular with an older crowd, seniors and retirees.  
Gold and silver jewelry found on these beaches tend to be better quality, and more expensive than jewelry found on beaches popular with younger crowds. 
Older people like to spend more time in the water than younger people. 
As people age their wrists, hands and fingers all get smaller, watches, bracelets and rings slip off and are easily lost.  
Younger beach goers, such as surfers, tend to wear more silver jewelry than gold jewelry.  Large crowded beaches popular with college age kids may look more appealing than a beach with a smaller crowd of older people, but looks can be deceiving.
This beautiful and expensive antique18K opal and diamond ladies gold ring was found on south Florida beach that attracts an older crowd.

I strive to make the majority of my gold finds18K or higher, you can only do this by understanding how to read the beach with an eye towards age. 
Your beach hunting finds will always be a reflection of your beach and people reading skills.  It should come as no surprise that many of my expensive modern jewelry finds are a higher grade of gold, and they come from beaches that attract older crowds.  
This quality over quantity strategy is possible by understanding how to read the beach and knowing how to read the people using the beach. 

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