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Monday, December 30, 2013

Read the clues to find jewelry in the water

I just returned from a relaxing 7 day Christmas Caribbean cruise, more family time with the wife and daughters than metal detecting.  I did get a chance to go water hunting on a stopover in St Maarten, and I took these two photographs of the beach we spent some time at. 
These two photographs are clues to reading the water with an eye towards searching for gold jewelry. 

There were more people inside the water along one stretch of the beach, but it did not look very good for metal detecting inside the water.  
You would have to rely more on luck to find fresh dropped jewelry, than water hunting skill in such sanded in conditions. 
This second photograph shows the other side of the beach, the side with less people using the water.  This quieter stretch of water was the part of the beach that interested me the most, because of the obvious visual shallow water hunting clue. 
From where I was relaxing on my sun lounger,  I could see the darker area between the last two people in the water.  Darker areas close to shore can be very productive sites, if you know how to search and recover targets from these areas. 

The darker stretch of chest to shoulder deep water had a rock / coral bottom covered in seaweed and sand. I was able to use my Minelab CTX 3030 to search for gold jewelry in this tough to metal detect area, using my dive boot and hand to fan and recover targets. 
I recovered several Eastern Caribbean coins and fishing weights, but unfortunately only the one piece of jewelry in this photograph.

A nice David Yurman silver and 14K gold cable bracelet with diamonds, the ladies bracelet retails for $1000.00 on the David Yurman website. 
The more time you spend beach and shallow water hunting, the more your beach and shallow water reading skills will increase.  You can then spot the potentially promising looking areas in the water and hopefully get rewarded with gold or silver. 

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