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Thursday, December 19, 2013

You never know unless you go

In my opinion, far too many beach and shallow water hunters depend on internet metal detecting forums and beach report bloggers to tell them when to go treasure hunting. 
Waiting around for forum experts or bloggers to tell you when it is a good time to go metal detecting will always lead to empty find pouches. 
Lost jewelry and coins can be found anytime and anywhere on the beach, so anytime is a good time to go beach or shallow water hunting. 
I found some pretty amazing pieces of gold and platinum jewelry this year, many of my best pieces of jewelry were found during times when beach reports and forum experts were complaining about poor beach hunting conditions. 
17 ounces of gold jewelry and 2 ounces of platinum jewelry this year, not too shabby for a part time beach and shallow water hunter.
You never know what you are going to find unless you actually go beach or shallow water hunting instead of waiting around for beach conditions upgrades on the internet. 
I used to get so much grief when I posted photos of my jewelry finds on the popular US metal detecting forums, members at first puzzled about my finds then openly hostile towards me for having the audacity to find jewelry on a regular basis. 
One of the main reasons I continue to find jewelry on a regular basis is the fact that no matter what the beaches look like, I go detecting whenever I get the opportunity. 
You have to be a persistent beach or shallow water, always having a "Todays the day" positive treasure hunting attitude if you want to find jewelry on a regular basis. 
I remember many times this year being thankful that I made the effort to scout around in search of a promising beach site. 
Going home with a nice piece of jewelry, thinking to myself how lucky it was that I decided to go metal detecting regardless of what the conditions looked like. 
Here is one of those finds, a heavy gold ladies ring stacked with diamonds. 

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