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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My top ten tips for success at beach and shallow water hunting in 2014

1. Stay motivated
Never stay at home waiting for people to tell you when it is a good time to go beach or water hunting. 

2. Equipment   
Research and use a metal detector you are comfortable using, not the metal detector every other beach or shallow water hunter is using. 

3. Think outside the box 
Same time, same place beach and shallow water hunters go home empty handed.  The same applies to using the same turn around points on a beach.

4.  Stick to the basics 
Great beach hunters make great water hunters, hone your metal detecting skills on land before venturing into the water. 

5.  Ignore the tides
Go beach hunting regardless, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that not all jewelry is lost in the same place on the beach. 

6. Slow down
Yes its called metal detecting not beach walking, try stopping and covering an area. 

7.  Try different areas
Most of my best finds this year came from small beaches that see far fewer people than larger popular beaches. 

8.  Ignore the competition 
Yes beaches are heavily hunted now, but there are many bad beach and shallow water hunters out there.  Never assume just because an area has been searched, it has been searched correctly.

9.  Become a balanced treasure hunter
Master all three areas of the beach, the upper beach, lower beach and shallow water.  You will find the term "Sanded in" redundant when you are balanced treasure hunter. 

10.  Remember to have fun 
The only competition you really have is yourself,  the beach changes every day increasing your chances of finding something good. 

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