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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shell line opportunities.

I have hardly had any time to go metal detecting lately, so when I do get the chance I go for it. 
A thanksgiving morning gave me a small window of opportunity to go shallow water hunting in search of gold jewelry.
Although the beach I chose was sanded in, I saw one interesting area on the lower beach with a large amount of shells by the waters edge. 
Normally wide shell lines along the lower beach are not a good sign, but sometimes the areas in front or behind the shells can be productive.
Standing in the wet sand, I noticed the shell line resembled a mini cut inside the first drop in the water. 
After entering the water with my Minelab Excalibur, I quickly began scooping targets.
The quarters, dimes and nickels on the sandy bottom along the edge of the shell line told me that heavier targets had collected behind the wall of shells.
It was not long before I heard a low gold tone through my Excalibur headphones, which turned out to be a large heavy mans 14K wedding band. 

The line of shells only ran for a short distance, I knew how to read the lower beach and take advantage of the only hot spot on the beach. 
A beach may appear to be sanded in at first glance, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. 

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