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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Recent "Sanded in" beach observations

Last Sunday I returned to the same beach that I found gold at on Thanksgiving day, this time I came away with gold and platinum jewelry even though the beach was still sanded in. 
Some people rely on lady luck when beach and shallow water hunting for jewelry, I like to rely on previously productive beach sites and my treasure hunting instincts.
It had only been a few days since I found gold in the water at this site, my instincts told me I could possibly find more jewelry after heavy surf had pushed sand around in the area. 
I had already done the hard work a few days earlier by finding the hot spot within the site, making it easy to concentrate all my efforts to detecting a smaller search area. 
Searching on the high tide was not easy, but it was better than sitting around waiting to go detecting two hours before low tide as any local water hunters in the area would surely have done.
The heavy 10K wedding band and the Platinum and 18K ladies ring are proof that when beaches look sanded in, there is always something to find when you know your local beaches and the location of previous hot spots. 
For the third straight hunt I never saw another beach or water hunter,  maybe they are waiting until someone tells them the conditions have improved? 
I worked hard for my gold and platinum jewelry in less than ideal water hunting conditions,  to find gold jewelry on a consistent basis you have to be willing to work hard.
You also have need to go to the beach with your metal detector, no matter what the tide is, or what the beach conditions are. 

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