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Monday, November 25, 2013

Finding gold at sanded in sites.

If you want to find jewelry at the water, you have to go to where the jewelry is, not where all the other water hunters are. 
On my first water hunt for three weeks I could have easily followed the detecting crowd to the over hunted sites everyone hits, but that is not my style and it never will be. 
Instead, I chose to use a hit and run tactic on three smaller beaches, assuming they would not be hunted over the weekend being so close to a popular tourist beach. 
The coins found in the shallow water opposite the three small beach sites told me I made the correct site selection. The two pieces of gold jewelry found at each site were the reward for relying on my treasure hunting instincts and not being predictable. 

It was a 4 hour water hunt so I wanted to make the most of my first water hunt in three weeks, to do that I searched known (only to myself) productive jewelry sites. 
Small beach sites close to each other that I could quickly sample to see if I had a chance of finding recently lost jewelry. 
All three sites held gold jewelry and when I was sure I had hammered the best area at each site I moved onto the next site. 
A good discriminating metal detector is the best equipment to use when you intend searching several sites within a certain timeframe.

You can see by the photo that even if the water is sanded in with no rocks, you can still find recently lost gold jewelry if you search around for places with more gold jewelry than water hunters. 

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