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Monday, September 2, 2013

Trying new treasure hunting equipment

I use an extra large search coil in certain beach hunting situations, yesterday I tried out the new Minelab Pro swing metal detecting harness.
Although I love my extra large 17 X 13 inch search coil, there are a few aches and pains associated with swinging a heavier search coil over several hours.  
It is always good to go with what you know when it comes to metal detectors and metal detecting equipment, but I believe you have to give new things a try or get left behind.  
I have never been shy about using different makes and models of metal detectors, I think it is good to always plan ahead and upgrade if you can. 
Its no secret I am a Minelab fan, and I kind of move along the Minelab line, Sovereign GT, Excalibur II, CTX 3030, I like and still use them all in various beach and shallow water hunting situations. 
Saying that, I try not to push my choice of metal detectors and equipment on others, and you will never see me getting involved in internet metal detecting forums "Which is the best metal detector" discussions.  
If anyone wants my advice about which metal detectors to use for beach and shallow water hunting, all they have to do is contact me.  
In my opinion, it is always better to research and see what treasure hunting equipment suits your individual needs and what equipment is best for the places that you like to search. 
Having never used a metal detecting harness I was pleasantly surprised at how something so simple can make such a huge difference, I am happy I invested in one.  
Very similar to how I finally tried an open style scoop basket last year and now I cannot go back to a closed style scoop basket. 
Luckily metal detecting is very popular and we can always get a good price for used treasure hunting equipment.  
Trying new treasure hunting equipment is not such a big hit in the wallet or pocket book anymore, when you can get good money for something you wanted to see and try for yourself. 
On heavily hunted beaches and especially eroded beaches I can see a detecting harness helping a beach hunter who uses a standard or extra large search coil to be able to stay out on the beach longer. 
The longer you are out on the beach detecting, the more treasure you have a chance of finding. 
Do not be afraid to try new treasure hunting equipment, maybe you will try something that helps you to stay ahead of the competition or at the very least  something to make your  beach or shallow water hunting easier. 

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