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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chain reaction

A catchy title for todays blog that best sums up what can happen after you find a gold chain or a gold ring. 
The three chains in this photograph were found within a 45 minute water hunting span a couple of years ago. 

All three chains were found within a very small area and that is the point of todays blog. 
When you find a gold ring or a gold chain, stop and make sure you completely search the area close to the original find. 
Because objects of the same density or weight often end up settling in the same area in the water, you have a chance of finding another gold ring or gold chain close by. 
Never keep walking and metal detecting along the same line after you find something good, slowly grid out the area from two different angles.
Some beach or shallow water hunters like to detect in circles from the original find point. 
I use a Minelab CTX 3030 and when it has not been possible to detect around a find spot because of people using the beach, I have used my GPS feature on beaches to mark the original FindPoint.  I return to the exact same site after hours and sometimes recover more good finds close to the point of the original find. 
The 18K gold chain and crucifix came home with me because I stopped and thoroughly searched around the initial find spot after finding the two silver chains in the water.

Never pass up a golden opportunity, when you find gold or silver, see if they have friends! 

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