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Saturday, August 31, 2013

3 day holiday weekend hunting

Here in the US it is a long holiday weekend, and I have already set my 3 day weekend metal detecting plan in action by chilling out with my girls ice skating at the local rink. 
No doubt the weekend warriors were out in force searching the beaches this morning, but I was not one of them. 
I have written a little about the subject of weekend hunting and the way I pace my weekend treasure hunting in a previous blog.
I always like to wait to go metal detecting until after at least one full busy weekend day has passed.
Many beach and shallow water hunters time their long weekend hunts incorrectly. 
In my opinion, you are always better off waiting until the second or third day before going treasure hunting on a long holiday weekend. 
I believe patience is a virtue when it comes to treasure hunting. 
Just like you have to wait for a passing storm to erode beaches, you have to wait until a beach has seen plenty of activity before searching for lost jewelry.
The worst times to go out metal detecting on a long holiday weekend is on the very first morning of the weekend and the morning after the last day.
Every beach hunter for miles around has the same idea to go out metal detecting after the last day. 
Try to beat the crowd by going out metal detecting after a full day of beach activity, or on the very last day. 
Good luck!

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