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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pockets of finds on the beach

Continuing on with yesterdays blog theme, you are far more likely to discover groups of finds on the beach than in the shallow water.
When you discover a pocket of finds on the beach, try to stay searching the area for as long as possible. 
Unlike a hole in the water,  when you find a pocket of finds on the beach you do not have to worry about the tides as much and you can stay after dark. 
Try to recover all the easy shallow targets first, just in case any other beach hunters show up. 
Switch to a larger search coil and go for the deeper targets after you have recovered the easy stuff. 
Never assume that you can return to the same spot on the beach and clean it out the next day.
You may have two things working against you, the tide depending on the location and other beach hunters. 
Signs of recent digging in the sand attract the attention of other beach hunters, so does posting your recent finds too soon on the internet!! 
I only post metal detecting finds on my Facebook page after I an 100% sure that I will not be going back to the same beach for a while. 
I have been lucky enough to stumble upon little time capsules in the sand on several occasions. 
Each time I have hammered the area until I was too tired to dig anymore. 
Excellent beach hunting opportunities do not occur as often as we would like, when they do it is better to stay and metal detect than to wonder what if? 
These old coins and a gold ring were found after hurricane Sandy had passed along the Florida coastline  in late 2012. 

Probably an old beach access point long since forgotten about, as everything was found well away from the nearest beach entrance.

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