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Friday, September 6, 2013

The importance of site rotation

If you keep going back to the same site too many times you are going to be disappointed. 
Plus you stand a chance of giving the competition a heads up where your good spots are located on heavily hunted beaches. 
To this day I rarely hit the same spot twice in a row, I would rather search it well and know that I gave it my best shot before leaving. 
You have to resist the temptation of returning to a site too soon after finding a nice piece of jewelry. 
Rotating your productive sites will increase your chances of finding on a regular basis.
Approximately 10 productive sites should be sufficient for a person who metal detects twice a week. 
Adding more productive sites will mean you have less chance of getting "skunked" and going home empty handed.
Same time, same place, every week beach hunters are never going to be as successful at recovering good metal detecting finds as people who have variety in their treasure hunting sites.
A good variety of beach and water hunting sites leads to a good variety of metal detecting finds. 
Because of the local demographics, certain beaches will have more 10K gold finds, while other beaches will have more 18K finds. 
You may find more 10K & 14K gold jewelry finds on a beach in a working class area. 
You may find less but more expensive 18K gold jewelry at beaches with mansions or high end resorts close by. 
Rotating your beach and water hunting sites will give you a chance of finding a happy medium as a beach hunter. 
Finding gold jewelry in numbers and finding a variety of gold jewelry. 
I guess I am guilty of having too many 18K gold jewelry sites on my rotation plan.

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