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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

He who dares

When I found 50 pieces of gold jewelry over a three week period last year, I worked hard for the gold jewelry that came out of the water.
This superb 18K gold ring with a five carat emerald and two diamonds was one of the better water hunting finds from the haul of gold jewelry.

I also remember why I found the emerald ring, I had the minerals to get in the rough water. 
I do not normally like water hunting in really rough surf, but when I know there is a really good chance of finding gold jewelry close to shore, I hit the rough surf when it is safe to do so.
The low tide is the best opportunity for rough surf hunting on productive jewelry sites, you really do not need to go into the water very far opposite productive beach sites.
Making every water hunting move count with a good discriminating waterproof metal detector is important, rough surf is also where your target recovery skills come in to play. 
Heavy long handled stainless steel scoops, zippered finds pouches and standard size search coils help you to be an effective rough surf water hunter.  
You may be pleasantly surprised how few water hunters bother to go water hunting when the surf kicks up. 
Many beach hunters are not prepared to water hunt, using non waterproof metal detectors in the wet sand. 
Having the ability to water hunt in rough surf, opens up much more jewelry hunting real estate at low tide. 
Hit the wet sand for lighter jewelry washing up and hit inside the water close to shore for heavier jewelry in the surf zone. 

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