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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Researching old beach sites

Considering I am a south Florida beach and shallow water hunter, I find my fair share of silver coins.

One of the ways I put myself in position to discover older silver coins is by using the local internet property appraisers site.
Finding the oldest section of a beachside community is easy, put an address of a house in the search box and the date the house was built will be given.
Many years ago, I used to find old jewelry and coins opposite a newly constructed four story beachside condo.

I put the address of the new condo in the property appraisers site and quickly discovered that across the road from the beach was a row of small cottages built in the 1930s.
If you did not know any different, there would be no reason to walk so far away from the main beach entrance.
I use this research tool to hunt beaches where I rarely see other beach or shallow water hunters.
Try using public property records to discover potentially undetected beach or shallow water hunting sites.
Or you could just follow the local beach conditions blog, and join the crowd at the same beach everyday.

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