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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Never over hunted

I have been really busy lately and today was my first real water hunt for a few weeks.
I could have gone beach hunting for Spanish treasure coins, but I decided it was time to get back into modern jewelry hunting for a three hour water hunt with my Excalibur.
No doubt, the high end resort I decided to go water hunting outside had been hammered on Saturday morning.
This one ounce platinum ring with 10 diamonds is a good reason to never assume a heavily hunted area has been really covered.

Saturday nights can be busy on beaches with nightclubs in the area, I saw many empty beer cans swirling around in the first drop off.
I would not be surprised if alcohol was a factor in this large ring coming off in the water.
Going back to my recent weekend hunting blogs,  this is what makes beaches close to nightclubs so productive.
They are sometimes replenished with jewelry more at night, than in the day time.
Many local beach and shallow water hunter's do not bother searching a heavily hunted area on a Sunday morning, when they see the same site hammered on a Saturday morning.

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