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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sand bar slopes

I was searching along the slope of a sand bar yesterday morning, opposite a high end tourist resort.
Taking a page out of my latest book "How to Read the Beach and water " I was searching on the beach side slope of the sand bar.
The surf has been picking up over the last few days and I noticed a nice incline on the beach side of the sand bar.
This was probably the surf rushing over the top of the shallow sand bar and stripping sand off the slope.
Using my CTX 3030 in the all metals relic mode gave me a chance to get to some of the deeper targets now within reach.
I knew from the amount of quarters, dimes, nickels and two silver bands recovered, that I had a chance of finding gold jewelry.
As you can see by this photo, I was handsomely rewarded with a heavy 18K ladies ring with 43 quality diamonds.

There were seven other water hunters along this popular stretch of south Florida beach, searching on the other side of the sand bar and closer to shore.
I kind of went with the flow and took the area that was left open for me to search.
The slopes of sand bars are very productive areas in the water to search,  especially the slope on the beach side.
I imagined how many people over the last few weeks had stood at slope at high tide and been hit by waves, or how many people had slipped and stumbled dropping back into deeper water as they returned to the beach.
If you concentrate on searching sand bar slopes opposite hotels, resort areas, or large beach side parking lots, you will increase you chances of finding gold.
Local water hunters should always be on the look out for any change in the sand bar slopes and be ready to change search modes or search coils to get to any deeper targets.

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