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Friday, August 16, 2013

If you do not go, you will never know

When people follow local beach treasure hunting conditions blogs, I am sure the temptation is to use them to save you from needlessly having to go metal detecting. 
In my opinion, that is a huge mistake as the local bloggers often rely on the slightest of beach upgrades to stay relevant. 
Dang, there goes my christmas card from the local beach treasure hunting conditions bloggers lol!
All kidding aside, you should never base your decision on whether you go detecting on other peoples beach ratings, they are after all just that, other peoples ratings. 
This is especially important if you live and metal detect in an area where you have a good chance of finding something regardless.
I live in an area where a couple of hours drive North I could be searching for Spanish treasure, an hour drive South I could be searching for modern jewelry. 
I know for a fact that Spanish treasure coins can wash up anytime, anywhere within a 100 mile stretch of beach and modern gold jewelry is lost on a daily basis on many more miles of beach. 
If you wait until some complete stranger tells you that conditions have improved, you are missing an important part of treasure hunting. 
The drive to go search for treasure, believe me when I tell you that drive is what puts finds in your finds pouch. 
It would be easier to stay at home and wait until someone tells you that conditions have improved, but by them you would already be chasing with the pack who also heard conditions improved.
I believe that the very best beach conditions are the ones that await you when you arrive at the beach to metal detect.
You never know what you are going to find but at least you have a chance when you go detecting regardless of the conditions. 
I do not need any photos of modern diamond rings or old Spanish treasure rings to get this point across, the title of this post says it all, if you do not go, you will never know.

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