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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Simplify your beach and shallow water hunting

I often hear and see head scratching words and phrases passed around in beach treasure hunting, such as strata, marl, treasure and finds formulas etc.
I cannot ever remember going to the beach and being concerned about marl or treasure formulas.
When I go to the beach I have no outside distractions, as I am far too busy searching for potential hot spots or concentrating on my metal detector settings and search technique. 
It is possible to over think things in beach and shallow water metal detecting. 
I see more and more beach hunters being concerned with "Fluffy stuff"  things that have no effect on the outcome of their beach treasure hunt. 
Beach and water hunting should be as simple as picking a beach and turning on your metal detector.
In my books, I always try to stress the importance of making the most of your allotted treasure hunting time. 
This also includes keeping an open mind towards beach and shallow water hunting, because the less preconceptions you have towards beach hunting, the more treasure you will find. 
Rigidity and repetition are a treasure hunters worst enemies, over thinking things will also stunt your growth as a treasure hunter. 
You could really tie yourself up in knots if you wanted to, worrying about what the competition is finding, what metal detector they are using, who is hunting your favorite sites, sanded in conditions, targets out of depth range,  etc.
No person has any greater effect on the outcome of your beach metal detecting plans than you. 
What you choose to do with your treasure hunting time, where you decide to search and what metal detector you choose to use.
Stick to the simple things, go metal detecting where ever and when ever you get the chance. 
The treasure hunter who carries less baggage to the beach, has more capacity for finds! 

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