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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gold magnets

On many beaches you may find gold jewelry in unexpected places, such as roped off areas in the water or close to a buoy anchored offshore. 
These kind of obstacles in the water can be gold magnets on busy tourist beaches. 
People are always attracted to swimming over to buoys or roped off areas used for jet ski or paddle board rentals.
Most swimmers do the same thing, grab and hold on to the ropes or rest the top half of their bodies across the ropes. 
This would explain why obstacles in the water are a good place to find rings, chains and watches. 
Another "gold magnet" in the water are rocky outcrops at the end of horse shoe shaped bays.
These areas are always popular with people snorkeling or by large numbers of kids playing around the rocks. 
An area on the beach that is popular with small kids and parents, will often mean that lost jewelry can be found in the area. 
The best time to search along roped off areas in the water is after normal beach hours.
Box hunters often use these areas as turn around points when searching a beach or stretch of water.
Imagine how many people fall awkwardly between roped off water sports rental areas, getting on and off jet skis or paddle boards. 
This photo shows a rocky outcrop that divides two beaches, it is only possible to walk around the rocky outcrop onto the next beach at low tide. 

This photo shows an 18K gold chain and diamond cross found at this site close to the rocks.
No doubt the gold chain and cross came off as the person was checking out the rocks under the water. 

Look for places in the water where people swim out to, or bob under the water to investigate, giving you a chance to find gold.  

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