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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sanded in ?

I lurk on many of the internet  metal detecting forums to see what the local beach or water hunters are finding in my area.  It is usually the same old complaints from the same old regular posters about lack of finds due to sanded in conditions.
I recently gave up posting finds on the same forums because it was tough for some of the resident "expert" beach hunters to hold back their anger at having me contradict their excuses for lack of finds by posting jewelry finds.  
Not to mention, using a metal detector they react to like a cavemen seeing fire for the first time.
If you look at the big treasure hunting picture, the beach is always sanded in. 
Only a person box hunting by only searching in the water or wet sand would not be able to find anything in the summer time on a US east coast,  when easterly onshore winds gradually push more sand onto the lower beach. 
If the lower beach is sanded in,  move higher up onto the beach and try dry sanding or scout around for a better beach. 
Any beach in your area with a hard pack lower beach is the place to be, especially if the lower beach  has a rocky shoreline.
You could also try finding areas out in deeper water to search if the wet sand and water close to shore is sanded in.
Look for the positives in beach and shallow water hunting,  lead from the front and leave the negativity to the people who thrive on it. 
I assure you that when you do find gold during sanded in conditions, you will appreciate it more when you know that you used your beach reading skills and versatility as a treasure hunter to find it. 
Because the beach has not only got two areas worth searching, the wet sand and shallow water, a versatile beach or water hunter will always have a place to continue searching for treasure. 

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