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Friday, August 30, 2013

Recon for beach and shallow water hunters

It is always best to have a good idea of what the beaches look like, especially if you are a part time beach and shallow water hunter.  
This helps you to be more prepared when you do get the chance to go metal detecting, with your metal detector and search coil choices. 
I use 3 different ways of keeping up with the beach conditions so I am always more prepared and have a good idea what to expect when I arrive at the beach to metal detect. 
When I do not have time to treasure hunt, I try to make the time to visit a few of my favorite beach sites, even if it is just for a quick look up and down the beach after hours. 
If it is not possible to check the beaches first hand, I do it every day from the comfort of my own home. 
I rely on two useful tools on my computer,  beach webcams and surf projection sites, closest to my favorite metal detecting spots. 
These two methods of beach recon I check daily, so without ever having to leave my home I see present beach conditions and projected future beach conditions. 
I guess you could say I take my treasure hunting seriously lol!  I like to stay on top of things and know before I go. 
You can also increase you chances of a successful treasure hunt when you know a beach has recently been detected.  
Other beach and water hunters on popular tourist beaches are easy to spot on beach webcams, seeing two or three other hunters on a Friday afternoon detecting on a beach may save you from going home empty handed on a Saturday morning. 
Choose a different beach because you already know which ones have been recently searched.
Seeing where sunbathers and swimmers are using the beach on a webcam for several days, allows you to go straight to the potential hot spots for lost jewelry when you do finally get a chance to go detecting. 
Internet surf sites will allow you to make water hunting plans ahead of time. 
A part time treasure hunter can hang with the full time competition for metal detecting finds by keeping up to date on their local beach conditions.   

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