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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sometimes less is more

I have so many beach sites that I search where I have not yet seen another person metal detecting. 
Yesterday I picked up another couple of potential hidden gem sites to search, after stopping to let some people cross the road with beach chairs. 
Both times I stopped to let people cross the road to go to the beach I pulled off the road and watched where they were heading.  
I walked onto the beach at one of those small beach entrance areas and saw five people of people using the beach.  
I assume that this little area probably sees about 10-15 people a day on the beach in season, or 280 to 420 people a month!!  
Combine the two sites I discovered and that is a lot of gold jewelry that I now have the the best chance of finding. 
The less competition you have, the more chance you have of finding gold jewelry.  
If you know the competition by sight, where they hunt, what metal detector they use and their favorite times to metal detect, you need to do some scouting around for new sites. 
Being well known at a site is the kiss of death for a gold jewelry hunter, the only way you get well known by the competition is because you are part of the crowd hunting the same beach.
I wonder where that guy is searching is a much better compliment to a jewelry hunter, it often means you are finding gold jewelry!
Heres an example of the kind of gold jewelry waiting for an adventurous jewelry hunter, willing to search a small beach that suited up water hunters would not give the time of day to because there are not lines or stacks of sun loungers on the beach. 

Less beach goers, less beach and water hunters, often add up to more gold jewelry!

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