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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good signs

This morning I had a three hour water hunt and spent a lot of time moving around, trying to find a promising site in mushy "sanded in" conditions.  
I was not moving around searching for rocks or hard pack sand, as everywhere was pretty much the same bad conditions along the stretch of tourist beach I had chosen to hunt. 
I was searching for signs or clues that gold jewelry may be present in an area.
Promising signs that an area has not been recently searched by other water hunters on this popular south Florida beach.
As soon as I started to find nickels, dimes and quarters I knew I had run across a promising area. 
These three types of coins when found in numbers are normally golden and should be viewed as attractive gold signs. 
Because these three types of coins are so attractive to metal detectors, there is no way they would have still been there if the area had been hunted recently. 
Water hunters have a bad habit of completely giving up on a whole beach if the main one or two popular hot spots are sanded in. 
My four pieces of gold jewelry from this morning, just goes to show that even in sanded in conditions you can still find gold.  

Staying close to the sand bar that initially caused the sanded in conditions will insure that you have a fighters chance of finding gold jewelry in fluffy sand. 
The piled up sand closer to shore must have come from somewhere right?  
My knowledge of the local beach and my previous gold jewelry finds at hot spots along this stretch gave me the motivation to keep moving until I found some good attractive gold jewelry hunting signs. 
I also found several pieces of silver and junk jewelry, probably exposed after sand was pushed closer to shore.  
You have a short window of opportunity searching for gold jewelry around flattened sand bars, but any window is better than no opening on a sanded in beach. 
Move and look for good signs, don't just go home! 

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