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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Whisper signals

One of the cool things about shallow water hunting is that look of gold and precious stones sparkling in the bottom of your scoop when you least expect it. 
Most of the nice surprises in water hunting come from whisper signals, faint low or high tones that are on the edge of your metal detectors detection range. 
If you are walking too fast through the water, sweeping your search coil too fast or not keeping your search coil level enough, I doubt you have experienced the thrill of finding gold jewelry by digging a whisper signal.  
You may also miss whisper signals in rough water close to shore as you struggle against the strong current or rough surf. 
This 18K gold ring with three 1/2 carat diamonds was found searching in rough surf last year, a few days after hurricane Sandy had passed by the South Florida coastline.

Instead of moving around in the water using a north/south or east/west search pattern in the water, I anchored myself in place using my long handled heavy stainless steel scoop.
With my body sidewards to the incoming surf,  I swept my search coil slowly all around the position I was anchored in.  
If I heard the slightest signal, I would slowly wiggle or hover my CTX 3030 search coil over the target to enhance and make the signal stronger. 
The wiggle technique is something I am sure many experienced Excalibur and Sovereign users are familiar with. 
I never stepped away until I could hear no other targets, I then repeated the small circles search a few feet away.
I did this unusual technique to combat the surf ,and to give me a chance to hear all possible targets in the area.  
Most of the good jewelry finds from this hot spot were deep and would have easily been missed by a water hunter moving with the surf. 
Another whisper signal I can clearly remember shocking me when I first saw it in my scoop was this 18K mans ring with a 5 carat emerald. 

If you are fortunate to recover multiple gold jewelry finds in an area, try your hardest to recover the deeper and often bigger items of gold jewelry.
Bigger and deeper gold jewelry finds are not going to be a big blamming knock your headphones off signals, that is why so many faint whisper signals turn out to be good surprises.

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