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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ledge hunting

I took advantage of the extra low tide yesterday, by wading out to a coral ledge in the water. 
It was the kind of water hunting situation where you need a snorkel and mask to help you retrieve targets. 
Bobbing and fanning for targets in cracks and holes in the ledge, instead of using a long handled scoop. 
I found two silver rings, three silver dimes and an 18K gold wedding band using my Minelab Excalibur II. 

If you can get far enough out to search offshore ledges, they can be productive areas as they are only accessible to metal detect during extra low tides. 
I took a flat head screwdriver and a pair of needle nose pliers to help me recover coins and jewelry stuck in the cracks and holes along the ledge.
Because of the location of yesterdays ledge, all of my afternoon finds were probably lost by swimmers out in the normally deep water.  
Many water hunters do not have the patience to search ledges, but as you can see by the photo sometimes it pays to leave your scoop behind and try a different style of water hunting.
Anytime you can do something a little different from other water hunters in your area, you stand a chance of finding something good. 
Local knowledge of your beaches and any unusual coral or rock formations inside the water  will certainly help.
Using a metal detector with a small search coil is also important when spending time bobbing and fanning targets. 
The small search coil becomes your pin pointer in this type of underwater metal detecting situation. 
The more targets you can successfully recover the better, off shore ledge hunting is only possible during the low tide unless you scuba dive.
Ledge hunting is just another example of metal detecting outside the box. 

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