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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Water hunting by numbers

On Sunday afternoon I waded back out to an offshore ledge where I found a nice 18K gold wedding band and some old silver coins a couple of days earlier.
I had a three hour window of opportunity to recover more targets in the area using my Minelab CTX 3030, to help me avoid digging and wasting time on the 12 FE-36 CO penny signals.
The last time I searched the ledge I used my Minelab Excalibur, but decided I needed a little help with the pennies that I was afraid to leave behind because I know large encrusted 10K gold class rings often respond with a high tone.
I normally always hunt by ear, but this time I used one of my metal detectors visual target identification features to help in my quest to find more gold.
As you can see by this photo of two gold class rings weighing a combines 1.1 ounces of gold, I used my time wisely instead of digging too many pennies.

Target recovery is everything when you are searching in rocky stretches of water or on top of offshore ledges.
The more targets you can successfully recover in your allotted metal detecting time, the more chance you have of finding gold or silver.
The more versatile your metal detectors are, the more you are able to search in areas that other beach and water hunters have to leave alone. 
This is what one of the class rings looked like after I fanned the sand off the area, this target rich ledge in plain sight from a South Florida beach, had not been detected for a long time.

I saw many other shallow water hunters hitting the main sections of crowed beaches on the drive up to this beach.
Some of the same water hunters who are always posting that the beaches are badly sanded in on the internet metal detecting sites.
It still amazes me how many less hunted but target rich areas there are, and only a short distance away from the detecting crowds. 
The beaches are constantly changing, it makes treasure hunting sense that you constantly change your beach and water hunting tactics to find gold. 

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