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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lucky nickels and box hunting

I had a chance to go water hunting yesterday afternoon, to one of the sanded in south Florida beaches all the local detecting bloggers and forum posters are complaining about. 
Sure the beach was sanded in, but instead of moving on or going home I just moved around. 
One spot opposite a lesser used beach entrance had a few targets that I like to see, nickels and quarters.
Those two targets, especially nickels would never be found in numbers at a spot that had recently been hunted. 
I know other water hunters "box hunt" on this beach, the beach has a crowded area that is heavily hunted with two clear turn around marker points. 
I cannot mention the turn around points because it may give one of my favorite beach sites away.
This Tiffany & Co PT950 platinum ring was found only about 10 feet past one of the reference points many water hunters use as a turn around point.  

The other heavy 14K gold ring with a 3/4 carat diamond was found in the same area along with several quarters and nickels. 
Two nice rings and a bunch of coins,  instead of searching where the average water hunter would search, I searched outside the turn around points and it paid off. 
It also helped that I changed from my usual discrimination search mode to a wide open nearly all metal search mode. 
The next time you are searching a crowded stretch of beach and using the same turn around points, think about what jewelry you may be leaving behind by box hunting.
For example, a lifeguard tower may be a box hunters usual turn around point.
That same lifeguard tower may also be an enterprising jewelry hunters best friend only a few yards down the beach. 

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