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Monday, July 1, 2013

Back where you started

I have noticed a strange pattern to a few of my jewelry finds over the last few years, it has happened to me too many times now for it not to be a pattern. 
Several years ago I planned to search a local beach, to try and beat the Saturday morning metal detecting crowds.
I drove towards the beach at 7am and saw four people already searching in the shallow water, as you would expect I continued on to the next beach. 
Two people were already water hunting at the next site so I tried a little straight line detecting in front of this long strip of tourist beach. 
After 30 minutes of metal detecting I turned around and headed back to where I had walked onto the beach. 
Another 30 minutes and now just a few feet past my initial starting out point, I picked up this 1.5 ounce 14K gold chain and cross encrusted with diamonds.  

This is not the first time this has happened to me, and I am sure it will not be the last.
Finding a piece of gold just past the place where I initially started searching. 
I figured the gold and diamond chain was a good investment for an hour of metal detecting at the beach and headed towards home.
As I drove past the first beach I had intended to search, I decided as it was still early I would try the shallow water in front of the four guys still searching the deeper water. 
They all had wet suits, snorkels and masks and looked like they were water hunting in pairs, I would later find out they were full time water buddy hunters from one of the South Florida metal detecting clubs. 
My second signal in the water turned out to be this yard of gold, a 36 inch 14K gold chain weighing 2.5 ounces!  

4 ounces of gold and diamonds in two short hunts finding gold close to my starting out points. 
I know the full timers searching the deeper water had not moved very far from where I first saw them earlier. 
This story just goes to show that gold is sometimes just where you first walked onto the beach or into the water. 
I always make a point to take a little extra time searching the area around where I start hunting, just in case gold is exactly where I thought it would be.

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