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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beginners luck

Have you ever noticed how some beginners have the most incredible good fortune.
People making incredible finds who have only been metal detecting a short time. 
In my opinion, the main reason why beginners are able to make incredible finds is because they are newbies. 
I use tales of fantastic "beginners luck" as motivation to keep thinking and treasure hunting outside the box. 
I really do not believe there is such a thing as beginners luck, novice beach and shallow water hunters make the find because they are not preconditioned to search in a certain way. 
They have probably never heard of the list of things that you are supposed to do by detecting forum experts and bloggers before you can find treasure.
Search two hours before low tide, use a super large search coil, dig everything,  etc
Beginners have no sense of beach hunting right or wrongs, they are prone to do what other beach and shallow water hunters have forgotten to do.
They go treasure hunting regardless of the conditions or place they are about to search. 
With no preconceived best things to do and best places to search on the beach, they go out and have so called beginners luck.
Most times in obvious places that seasoned beach or water hunters would probably have over looked anyway.
I always avoid box hunting and try hard to hold on to a beginners simple view of beach and shallow water hunting.  
Maybe that is why I am so lucky, I never do the expected and think like a beginner with a free mind. 
the next time you go to the beach, free your mind and try thinking outside the box.
Ask yourself where would a beginner have beginners luck? 
It is probably in an area on the beach or inside the water where others would not think to search.

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